Aug 18

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Diamond Limo Bus in Toronto?

Before you think about hiring a Diamond Limo bus in Toronto for your next birthday event, it pays to put together a list of questions that you would like answered. By doing so, you will be able to have the best experience on the day without worrying about any minor details that you may have overlooked.

For example, how many guests are you planning to need seats for in the bus? There are a number of different sized buses available for hire, so you want to choose the one that suits your guest numbers the best. There is no point in paying for an extra-large bus if you only have a few guests that you want to travel with you.

Next, how many stops are you planning on making and where are they? Ask your bus hirer whether there is a limit to the number of places you can go do within your hireage period. Also, ask whether toll charges and parking fees are included within the hire fee or if they will be charged as a separate item at the end of the event. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 18

Looking for Love or Excitement

When I decided to take a trip to Toronto last year, I wanted to take it in style. Basically, I wanted to pretend I was someone rich and important, a far cry from my boring life as a bank teller in a small town in Maine. So to plan for my fun filled trip, I decided the first thing I needed was to find the best limo for Toronto that money could buy. I found a highly recommended service to come pick me up at the airport with a sign with my name on it.

Next I found a palatial home fit for a very rich, important person that was listed on a home sharing website. It looked like something out of a movie or maybe even a fairy tale. It had six bedrooms and a fireplace in each room. It looked like the kind of place I could pretend I was a princess or maybe a queen. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 26

My Beautiful Memories Of The Amazing Stockholm Sights

Looking back on my vacation in Sweden, I am truly in awe of all the sights and sounds that I experienced when I visited its capital city, Stockholm. A cosmopolitan city that boasts of Old World charm and modern architecture blended perfectly together.

My travel started in Gamla Stan, a historic site in Stockholm. Getting around was easy because most of the sights and attractions are reachable by foot. By buying a travel guide or map, I was able to travel on my own, without a tour guide. I went around its cobbled streets and alleys and even without a guide, was able to learn about the history of the place. I was fascinated with all the architecture which dates back to the 13th century. Historical churches, the Royal Palace and museums, are just a few of the many sights that I was able to see during my travel. When I needed to rest, I stopped at a caf and was able to surf the internet and check travel guides to find other must see attractions and sights.

What I found out was that different sights and attractions such as museums, galleries and landscaped parks abound in Stockholm. Restaurants are also everywhere in Stockholm, they even have “dagens” or specially priced lunches for those on a budget. And also wifi and Skype zones are everywhere in Stockholm so no problem there with being lost.

There are different sights to look forward to in Stockholm. I visited the Royal Palace, residence of the Royal Family. A guide toured me around the place and shared the history of the palace. Having a guide made my travel around the palace interesting with all the information that he shared.

Wanting to see the Swedish countryside and experience really fresh air, I looked for a guide to accompany in my travel. Another major attraction that I visited in Stockholm is the Skansen Open Air Museum. It was founded in the year 1891 and features more than 150 houses and farms in Sweden through the years. . This is where the famous Christmas market is also held. I also learned about the traditions and festivals of Sweden.

The next place I went to was the Bergius Botanical Gardens, it is part of the Swedish Cultural Heritage with 100 years backing it up. Initially, the garden was designed to promote botanical and biological research, now; it also serves a recreational purpose since tourists come to visit it because of its beauty. I had a great time here and really just took the time to cherish the beauty around me; they even have a Japanese inspired pond.

Though these are just some of the sights and attractions of Stockholm, I am filled to the brim with appreciation for the city. I had a wonderful vacation and am hoping to be able to come back and explore more, the fascinating country of Sweden. I would bring my loved ones with me the next time I travel to this wonderful archipelago. I would serve as a guide and share the wonders of Sweden! Travel and see the sights that Stockholm has to offer, it may be the best vacation that you will ever have!

Jun 20

Enjoy your travel with approved visa online

Travelling is a passion. Every individual loves to travel abroad either to grab an employment opportunity or to enjoy a holiday. However migrating from one country to another requires approval of visa. There are few countries that have made this procedure a simple one to encourage more travellers. Vietnam is one such country. Vietnam Visa- an easy process Being a beautiful country it attracts a lot of tourists as well as settlers. Keeping this in mind Vietnam has made the method of obtaining visa for travel very simple and straightforward. Instead of travelling all the way to Vietnam Embassy one can attain the visa with just one click. All one needs to do is log on to their website and complete the online formality. Vietnam Visa- good news for few countries There is absolutely merry making news for citizens of America, Canada, England and France. Despite of being settled anywhere in the world citizens of these countries can apply for Vietnam visa online. In fact people with the nationality of Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia can visit Vietnam without a visa. Vietnam allows any individual to stay in the country for 30 days without a visa. Along with this, Indian citizens can also retort online for Vietnam visa. However the cost would be a little on the higher end Vietnam Visa- process to follow Further this article would answer your question How to get a Vietnam Visa. It’s a plain sailing and elementary process which you need to follow: Go straight to the official website Click on the link- apply visa online Fill in uncut and error free information as asked on the form. Take assistance of your passport to do the following Go on to make the payment. This process is a must as it is required for visa approval Click on the urgent visa service if you need to travel immediately However the normal process would send you the approved visa on e-mail in 1 or 2 days This method has been undertaken to free your hassle and make your travel more pleasing and comfortable.

May 30

Traveldote – Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Not everything opens and shuts in paradise. Which brings me to the question does everything need to open and shut in paradise? And what exactly is paradise anyway? The definition of paradise is: “heaven” or “state of bliss”. I was in a heavenly state of bliss when the window fell out of the wall one morning in paradise.

After injuring myself on a Benny Banana, I suspect a fractured rib, I headed out by myself for the last Pad Thai at P.P Cafe. Three Singha beers later and I was a bit past tipsy and found myself playing a game of Jenga with a “ladyboy”.

Joys story was a tragic one and involved her getting her heart broken by an Australian boy (I thought his nationality was probably interchangeable depending on who was listening). She produced a photo album which documented Joys life from an awkward little boy, to an effeminate teenager, to the star of a cabaret show in Phuket. Her relationship with the Australian ended disastrously after four years. She was heartbroken so left Phuket for Phi Phi, where she is now a wasted talent as a waitress in a cafe.


Entertained enough, I went back to my room situated above a shop. The shop was run by an elderly couple. I had one more beer with the old man and attempted conversation but the only thing we understood was “beer”. I finished my brew and climbed the stairs to my room but was stopped by the old man. He pointed at himself, then at me, then to his bedroom door. I declined graciously. He tried again but with a different approach. He pointed at me, himself, and then my room. I declined less than graciously the second time and headed to my room, alone, wondering what a seventy year old pot-bellied Thai man with a mole (complete with four inch long whiskers) thought I saw in him.

The next morning I was more than eager to leave. I had not used the window previously for fear of mosquito bites and had managed to survive with minimal ventilation. But this morning I decided to open it up and capture one last glimpse over the turquoise waters and the raw limestone cliffs. As I slid the window the grip of the handle slipped from my fingertips and the couple in the adjacent room awoke to a loud crash on the tin roof of the building next door. My window had fallen clean out of the wall.

It was time to leave.

Where: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
When: November through to March
Why: To kick back in paradise with fantastic food and scenery.
How: Catch a ferry from Krabi (90 minutes) or Phuket (2 hours).

Mar 24

A Comparison Between Two Popular Article Directory Scripts

You want to run an article directory and can’t decide which script to use. In this article I compare 2 of the more popular article directory scripts and try to decide which I prefer and will tell you why.

Setting A Directory Up

Article Dashboard: I launched my first directory using the free Article Dashboard script on July 3rd 2007. It took about 3 weeks and many visits to the Article Dashboard forum asking for advice to get it up and running.

Article Friendly: I set my paid for Article Friendly script directory up on November 3rd 2008. It took 1 hour to get it up and running with no help.

Why the difference? First time round I was new to php and absolutely hopeless with understanding scripts and learned more over time. Even so I believe that the AF script is easier to install.

Although the really useful AD forum has been down for a while there are still several forums run by directory owners where you can get help. AF has it’s own forum where you can get help with your article directory and also advice about other scripts including AD.


My fear of messing with php scripts has stopped me from doing major redesigns but there are a couple of sites offering very good free tutorials for AD directories and the AF forum offers lots of advice. There are also some great designers out there who own directories and offer design services especially for article directories. Good because they understand the functionality better than a general designer.

I personally have found it a little easier to redesign around the AD script, but as I’ve been using it longer I have more basic understanding of it.

Running Your Directory

Authors submit articles, you check them and either approve or decline them it’s simple – or is it? With both scripts you can set articles to auto approve. The function is inbuilt in the AF script alongside mass keyword approval – or disapproval but with the AD script you need to mess with the coding or get an add on. Personally I would never auto approve articles, there are too many people out there who want to submit adverts, plagiarised articles and basic crap rather than the quality articles that any website owner would want on their site.

There are quite a lot of add ons available for the Article Dashboard script, some free and some paid for and some of which I use. A duplicate title checker is a must and that I got free. Whenever somebody submits an article with the same title it is flagged. Sometimes it’s the same article, sometimes it’s just an author being unlucky and I can let them know that they need to change their title. Article friendly has a duplicate checker built in.

Article Friendly also has an automatic decline function if an article’s word count is lower than the amount that you choose to set up in the dashboard. I got a short article deleter free for AD and with that I can set the minimum wordage of articles that I want on the site, but as I could never get it to work it’s a mute point. I’m sure that there are more such scripts available if I really wanted one.

Blocking Undesirables!

Another feature that AF has that I like is being able to block unwanted authors with one click. It’s not something I like doing but if somebody constantly submits plagiarised articles, adverts etc. banning them saves my time and theirs.

You can also block email addresses with the AF script. I chose to block free email addresses as most of the problem submitters come from free email addresses. I have no problem with free email addresses personally, blimey I use them myself, but as that particular directory is in the travel niche and most genuine travel writers use their website email addresses the block saves me time.

Another good feature on AF is being able to delete authors with no articles with one click. Some of those authors may genuinely set accounts up intending to submit articles but never get around to it, but I suspect otherwise with some new authors who join up and fill in their profile with a link to anything but a travel site.

Those features are only available on AF, but as I said earlier in this article there are all sorts of add on scripts available for AD and more turn up occasionally.

Keeping Things Clean

With AF there is a bad word block area in the dashboard where you can input words that you don’t want appearing on your site. If an author uses any of those words the article is automatically declined.

I did buy an AD add on that scans resource boxes for words that you input into the script and you can delete offending articles in one go. That has proved invaluable as a time saver against masses of plagiarised articles.

More Article Friendly Goodies

AFs dashboard also lets you clean up, repair or optimise your database with one click, very handy for those of us who haven’t got a clue how to do it themselves. You can also keyword optimise all of the categories very easily, add extra admin access, find articles or authors and mass move articles from one category to another. You can also link up to 4 different mass submission companies from your dashboard if you want to.

Article Dashboard Goodies

I seem to be favouring AF over AD scripts, but the main reason that I haven’t converted my AD directory over to the AF script is that when I am checking articles I can also click on and check the authors links before approval. You would be surprised just how many authors submit articles with broken links, or links pointing to unacceptable sites. With Article Friendly I have to paste links in my browser to check them, or scrutinise the html and that takes time.

Another thing that I like better about the Article Dashboard script is that authors can use html within the article body whereas the Article Friendly script automatically rejects articles using html. Personally I prefer to use html where I can as long as it follows the directories guidelines. Html helps to make an article stand out and become more readable. However you can add html to articles in the admin area of Article Friendly.

In Conclusion

There are more features that I haven’t mentioned but I’m sure that you get the picture. Although the Article Friendly script is easier to install and use I still slightly favour the Article Dashboard script because of the last 2 features mentioned, but as there are regular updates to the AF script that could change.

Mar 23

Stress management & travel program

treated as stress relief activities? The answer is – absolutely. You, as many other successful business executives, most probably see holidays as an opportunity to work from home for a week, or from your hotel room, don’t you?

Well, it is an unfortunate way to look at your multi-thousand dollar investment in your vacation. Yes, you go places, try things, indulge in entertainment, but then you return home, the same old you – stressed, exhausted, restless.

Why not to treat your vacation as a refuge from your daily routine, as an opportunity to discover the depth of your being, your true motivations, true meaning of every moment you live? None of it is evident unless you dive into deep self-exploration, and you cannot do it alone. You need a guide. A tour guide? Yes, actually, literally.

Some exclusive escapes help you to release your stress by matching you with a beautiful female travel companions that not only shares the experience of international tourism, but also helps you get on track and heals you from all the mental and emotional dust. This luxury stress relief therapy program will take your life to the next level.

Your new travel companion, a beautiful, spiritually mature female, who has mastered various alternative therapy methods and healing modalities, can become a great accelerator of recovery from any emotional traumas and life dramas.

Take a trip, and don’t travel alone. Take with you a lovely companion, Mental and Emotional Wellness Coach for an ultimate stress relief and management. She will help you to find who you truly are, rest in luxurious experiences and return rejuvenated. With emphasize on “body, mind and spirit”, she will remind you that all aspects of health – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – are vital elements in regaining the sense of meaning, satisfaction and purpose.

Business executives become so mental in their daily routine, that stress naturally accumulates and energies get stuck in the body. Therefore one leaves himself vulnerable to the imbalances in many areas of his lives; this reduces our sense of happiness and joy.

Many psychotherapists consider human experience to be composed of conscious and unconscious aspects and know that there are many roads to our unconscious mind. By directing your attention to your full experience in the moment, alternative therapies associates with travel help open your awareness to more aspects of our selves which reliefs tension, worries and stress, and brings you sense of peace and everlasting joy.

Luxury spa travel combined with alternative psychotherapy performed by healing professionals and emotional exercise coaches is the most effective and pleasant stress reduction methods. You should try it and see for yourself!

Mar 11

Hotels For Travel Agents

Hotels For Travel Agents

Travel is certain for a human. Nobody can live in the same spot for their entire life. One of the most loved sort of such moving is traveling when one leaves all the anxiety and issues of life behind and goes on a trip that is fun and/or quiet. Furthermore it is not difficult to travel nowadays as one can book a visit from anyplace to anyplace. This has been made conceivable just because of the Booking engines.
Since 2002 has been established in the travel industry. The management team who have extensive experience of software development, have developed a user-friendly & fully interactive online hotel booking system Exclusively for travel agents. Our company objective is to offer real, everyday solutions. Our hotel booking system gives travel agents real-time access to the best available hotel information in the fastest time. You can search, and manage hotel reservations instantly, giving you a competitive advantage and the ability to stay ahead of the market. Furthermore, the hotel booking system engine can be directly plugged into any agents website which allows consumers to search directly with agents. offers best rates and accessibility from among various Hotels suppliers in every end of the line, giving venture out specialist access to most focused rates in the business. has various leisure products like hotels, sightseeing, transfers, packages, and car-rentals with instant confirmation. With the launch of FOREREZ Framework, payments will be online through various means like net banking; online credit card payments and vouchers will be created naturally the geographical limitations. A credit line can be opened against an advance deposit or a bank guarantee Cut and pay facility means earn your commission at the time of finalizing booking. also does with Car Bookings, On-line Escorted Tours Bookings as well as Dynamic Packaging. gives you the “Reporting Plus” advantage , which enables you to know your Sales in a particular period of Time , You Outstanding Statement Online , Travel Agency Staff wise productivity on as well as Earning Reports per booking. provides Host to Host Connectivity as well as White Labelled sites to Travel Agencies and Tour Operators looking on for their own branding and Name. provides constant News and Updates on the latest in the Travel Industry and also offers, Hot Deals and New Products every day.
Travel Agents Benefits
Credit limit.
Better rates.
Self-creation of Voucher, Invoices, Receipt and Credit forward to sub agents.
Access to Accounting reports.
Better package deals.
Credit agents get to create Sub-Agents having your own markups.
Offers are available.
Further you can convert your login type from Travel Agent to Whole saler by that you get all services at very low prices and much more offers.
Negotiating best rates
Product management
Technical development
Sales and marketing
Product:More than 290,000 Hotels and Services globally
Clients:More than 7,000 Travel Trade Partners Worldwide
Distribution:Through Travel Agents (B2B platform, API & Call Center)
Inventory:4+ million rooms in 183 countries on 6 continents
Presence:More than 7 countries with office and staff to assist you
Technology:Ongoing investment in Research, Development and Innovation
Profitability:No bars on earning margins
Reservations:[emailprotected] | [emailprotected];


Mar 10

Used Travel Trailer – A Checklist Before Buying

Your retirement dreams may include traveling the country in a new travel trailer. However, these rigs can be very costly to purchase and operate. While renting is an alternative, another alternative is to purchase a used travel trailer. Used travel trailers are available on recreational vehicle sales lots. When you locate a used trailer that is right for you, you will enjoy traveling freedom without leaving a big hole in your pocket.
In general, the value of travel trailers depreciates at a very fast rate. In a year’s time or so, a travel trailer could have already depreciated considerably. This makes purchasing a used travel trailer very advantageous. A used trailer would definitely be a lot more affordable than a new one. In fact, you may be able to purchase a used mid-range or full-size, fully furnished Rv at the price of a new, small travel trailer.
But just like purchasing a new travel trailer, buying a used one also requires some thought and consideration. In fact, the odds of purchasing a pre-owned recreational vehicle may even be greater. With a little patience and the proper knowledge, however, overcoming the odds in purchasing a used travel trailer should be easy.
Examine the condition of a used travel trailer very carefully before buying it. Any pre-owned vehicle, whether it is a trailer, a car, a truck or a motorcycle, can have a normal appearance but may have mechanical issues and electrical damage. If you buy such a trailer, you may end up spending more money than you anticipated on repairs. Inspect your potential purchase well to avoid this issue.
As you walk through the trailer, turn on every switch to be sure that it works. Check every appliance as well. Inspect the water system and rest rooms to see if they are functioning as they should. Look at the motor and electrical system of the trailer. If these areas are not your forte, bring someone with you who knows about such things. Request a test-drive to determine that the trailer is in good working condition.
Careful research is the key to any good investment, including the purchase of a used travel trailer. If your RV dealer prices the vehicle you have in mind too high, you will be defeating your purpose of buying used. Pricing guides for vehicles are available both online and in print magazines and are easy to follow. Study these sources to learn about the prices of used travel trailers before you sign any papers.

Mar 08

The charming Travel in Lombok City

Lombok a city in the Nusa Tenggara islands of Indonesia, which is adjacent to the island of Bali which is only separated by the Lombok Strait. Many interesting tourist destinations in the city of Lombok, in the discussion this time will be mentioned some of the tourist destinations. The local government has prepared facilities and infrastructure to support tourism in Lombok. So for those of you who are going on holiday in the city of Lombok do not worry, rental rates are varied, and you can already see a list of prices for hotels in Lombok on the website tour services.

Several tourist destinations in the city Lombok

Senggigi beach
This is a tourist place in Lombok most famous. Senggigi Beach in Lombok has a beautiful beach that captivates. Many foreign tourists who come to this beach. Senggigi Beach was transformed into one of the attractions in Lombok with a view of its long coastlines, truly captivating when viewed from a distance and altitude.

With a long coastline and firm, presenting Lombok Senggigi Beach sand shades from black to white. Sea water has waves that are not large, clear, and clean. The things that make Senggigi Beach in Lombok become one of the favorite tourist spots for foreign tourists.
Tourists who come to the beach is more than happy to spend time with sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and playing on the beach.

Kuta Beach Lombok
One of a number of interesting places in Lombok charming. Geographically, this beach is surrounded by the natural hills. Additionally, Kuta Beach Lombok has white sand beaches and generally not much visited by tourists. Do not be surprised if the beach was deserted when you visit them.

Kuta Beach in Lombok is administratively located in the village of Kuta, located not far from Lombok International Airport. Itineraries Kuta Beach Lombok if taken from Senggigi will take approximately 1.5 hours. You will pass through the city of Mataram if taking these trips Senggigi – Kuta Beach.

Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok are officially defined its status as a national park, which is a protected ecosystem Indonesian government with the character of mountainous rain forest and savanna.
The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis national park is about 40 thousand hectares. Mount Rinjani on Lombok, North section with a height of 3,726 meters above sea level, and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci.

Mount Rinjani has a wide crater, there is a crater lake called Lake Segara Anak. According to local belief, if the Lake Segara Anak visible area, then it is a sign that the age of the viewer is still long. Conversely, if looked cramped, it signifies people who see short-lived. It is advisable to perform a clean themselves and spirited calm before looking back Segara Anak Lake. This lake can be used also as a fishing spot.

Desert Point (Bangko-Bangko)
This is the place to surf in Lombok that you should visit if you want to enjoy surfing or surfing. One of Indonesia’s most popular surf spots have also been named as one of 10 places to surf with waves vicious version of the International Surf Association.

If you are challenged to surf at Desert Point, then you can take a trip with the ferry boat ride from Bali to the port of Sheets in Lombok. Desert Point, local people call it the Bangko-Bangko, is a surfing beach destination that is located in the Southwestern coast of Lombok.
If you have arrived at the Port of Sheet, then a trip to Desert Point reached by vehicle travel or rental car and takes about 2 hours. In Desert Point, available lodges and bed as simple as a venue. Desert Point is one of the attractions of Lombok is interesting to visit, especially among surfers.

Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan
Known also as the three exotic island of Lombok who became one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists. Gili Trawangan is located in the western part of Lombok has sea water is clear and crisp, clean white sand, coral reefs and a variety of ornamental fish charming.

Lots of tourists who come to this dyke to enjoy the beauty of the beach with swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. There are many public facilities are complete in Lombok tourist spot this one, including hotels and inns, restaurants, cafes, discos, and places of worship. From the mainland Lombok, en route to 3-dyke and it will take about 30 minutes.

Gili Trawangan is the furthest island among the three dyke. Many young people who came to Gili Trawangan because often held a beach party with music throughout the night.

Meanwhile, Gili Meno is the right place to relax for those who want to find peace and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach is relatively quiet. Gili Meno The position is located in the middle of the third dyke. While Gili Air is closest to the island of Lombok. Many tourists come to Gili Air with their families. Gili Air has a number of local residents who more than other dyke.

No top 5 above famous tourist destination in Lombok, in fact there are many more tourist sites that are not less interesting than 5 locations above. Maybe I will mention in a later article.

Hopefully the above article helpful.

Feb 29

Travel And Tourism Management May Never Be Saturated

Tourism management deals with the procedures of providing the better service to the tourists. Like that of other service providers, it also is concerned with finding, selecting, and tailoring proper service for the right individual or family. While getting involved in tourism studies, one will definitely understand that true skills and experience are required to determine best service for a client according to his/her choice or taste. A tourism professional should arrange a trip in such a manner that the tourists will be satisfied as much as possible. Offering the right deal in accordance with the capability and wish of the tourists is the primary responsibility of the tourism professional.

Without a minimum conventional education, entering the field of tourism management is impossible. A very basic type of job can be availed without any training in the arena of tourism management. But, to get a well position in the industry, tourism management courses are really helpful. A course in the field will provide a qualification which can easily be recognized by the experts in the industry.

The courses in the field of travel and tourism management will offer all various tools to make you a master of the travel and tourism industry. But, only passing a course is not enough to succeed in the arena. A real passion is of utmost importance along with keen love for adventure. The candidate should never be tired of travelling. To become completely involved with the industry, more and more visits to unknown destinations have no substitute and a tourism professional should relish the zest of adventure personally.

There are good career prospects for the deserving candidates in airlines, transport and cargo companies, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies etc. The easier licensing policy to the foreign airlines and the resultant joint venture between indigenous and foreign airlines has removed many drawbacks in the communication network. As a result, the number of domestic and foreign tourists has increased many times more in the last few years. As this industry is at the first phase of growth, there is a lack of trained and qualified professionals. Thus there are a lot of employment and promotion opportunities.

The travel agents are required to gauge the requirements of tourists and professionals to arrange for them the best possible arrangements for travel. Travel agents also work to promote various travel packages of resorts, cruise lines, and specialty travel groups. A typical travel agency may have four departments travel, tours, accounts, and cargo.

Tours management is concerned with travel and destination management. The work is related to the packaged tours to different destinations both in India and abroad. Planning, selection, and arrangement of accommodation, transport, food, and entertainment are principal areas of work. Making reservation, planning for the itinerary, sending representatives and guides with the tour groups are accomplished by the tour operators.

The job of a guide is both thrilling and challenging. If you are a graduate, and have a good aptitude in history and learning language, then you may consider becoming a guide. The following are the basic qualities of a guide good communication skills, good customer service, amicable personality, easy wit and promptness in decision making, ability to handle pressure. With all these, a diploma in travel and tourism will make one indomitable.

Feb 23

Majorca Holidays Are Costing Less

Just released figures from a travel survey show that holidaymakers can expect to pay less on their trip than a year ago in Europe – while other popular destinations have seen a rise.

The survey – produced by the Post Office’s travel services – showed that the costs of what a typical tourist will buy while on holiday fell in Spain, and also in Portugal.

Some areas popular with British holidaymakers saw a rise in prices, notably France, Italy and Turkey.

Spain and Portugal have cut prices in an effort to win back tourists who have opted during the recession for cheaper destinations including Turkey, and given the rise in Turkish prices it might not be too long before it’s no longer regarded as a budget holiday destination, unless a full board trip is booked.

The twelve items the Post Office survey included across the popular holiday destinations included a family meal, suntan lotion, sun lounger hire, a bottle of beer and the price of a cup of coffee – typical items bought on a family holiday unless it was taken full board.

The cheapest destination was Albufeira, on Portugal’s Algarve, while Brittany in France and Sorrento in Italy came out as the most expensive.

Spanish prices have dropped in the last year for tourists. Perennial favourite Majorca for example was cheaper than Turkey, one of the so called cheap destinations that has seen the number of Majorca holidays drop over the last couple of years.

Coupled with low cost airfares and a flight time of less than two hours from UK airports, a drift away from the island to cheaper destinations could well be reversed in 2011, and while some might want all inclusive deals where Turkey might work out cheaper for the majority of tourists who go half board or bed and breakfast, the deals that some of the hotels in Majorca will be offering will be tempting.

Once on the island, how much can holidaymakers expect to pay for everyday items, compared to supposedly less expensive Turkey?

A cup of coffee will cost 1.30, while in Turkey it is typically 1.60. A beer is similar in price – 1.60 in Majorca against 1.65 but for those who prefer a soft drink to alcohol the difference is bigger, 1.35 against 2.30 – important for family holidays with young children who can get through quite a few drinks on a warm day, and given the Majorca weather that’s often.

Eating out can take a big chunk out of a family’s holiday spending money, and Majorca’s 43.24 compares well with Turkey’s 70.83 – and a treat like an ice cream is also less at 1.53 against 2.31

It’s not just the flights to Majorca that are cheaper and take less time than Turkey, it’s everyday spending items for the typical family holiday abroad where Majorca shines.

Feb 20

Internet Vs. Travel Agent Which Is The Best Way To Plan Your Holiday

Putting together a last minute trip is a hassle, and if it were not for the internet, would almost be impossible. The internet, though bad on so many levels, is certainly a benefit when it comes to booking last minute holidays and vacations. Imagine all of the long distance phone calls and calls to operators for numbers and all the people you would need to talk to before you could book a decent room and a flight to your destination.

If you are planning to utilize air travel in order to reach your vacation destination, You will have to conduct a telephone call to all airline in order to encounter flight arrangements and the price of flights and what flights were currently available. The same would be true for your boarding accommodation when you eventually reach your destination. If you were traveling to New York City, you would have to in some way acquire the telephone numbers to half a dozen accommodations, view a map to confirm that they were located in the area that you desire to stay and then contact every one of them to obtain rates as well as the accommodation availability.

Working with a travel agent is one way to avoid making all those phone calls, and doing hours of map searches. However, they are often more concerned with how much they will make from your travel arrangement, instead of how much money they can save you. When you book with a travel agent you are never sure if you are getting the best price available, and therefore may end up spending hundreds more then you could have if you did the research on your own.

With the internet right at your very fingertips, all of these hassles and hidden cost can be eliminated. The internet is a quick and simple way to get all the information you require for your travels, and is also the main reason so many travel agents are now listed as unemployed.

Weather you are looking to book a hotel room , arrange for a flight or rent a car, you can do it all on the internet. It is the perfect resource to help you find everything you need for your last minute vacation, and you will be able to search how you want, where you want and with what businesses you want. All your travel arrangements can be made within a few clicks of a mouse. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s convenient!

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